I am available for harp instruction at UNLV, CSN, and privately.

While earning my Master’s Degree in Harp Performance at Indiana University, I was appointed Associate Instructor of Harp. During this time, I served as Principal Harpist for 5 symphony orchestras in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. I also began touring with world renowned artists, and gathered a wealth of experience in recording studios working on jingles, films, gospel albums, and television tracks.

It was this rich variety of work which served me incredibly well when I arrived in Las Vegas. The ability to fit into many different situations is invaluable in today’s music world, and it is a skill I try very hard to instill in my students.

People begin study of the harp at all ages, and often desire different areas of focus. I understand that, and gear lessons entirely to the individual. Whether someone is looking for outstanding success and recognition, or is seeking to enrich their lives with music, there is a place for them here.

I wholeheartedly welcome and encourage anyone who wants to study the harp.

Kim Glennie